Our school is a building with four walls and wisdom inside. Our mission is to ignite the young minds by serving quality education and fabricating a favorable society. Our students enter to learn and leave to achieve with the place to follow the path of righteousness. We feel that every child is unique and the individualized path to their dream destination needs to be served with our light of guidance. Our constant endeavor to provide boundless opportunities thereby unlocking infinite potential in every student.


To create a revolution in this dynamic world we ensure that our learners are fed with the ability to think differently ,to welcome and embrace new challenges and to serve the society selflessly. We aim at providing quality education in an inclusive environment where all the collaborators of education are committed to create a revolution with truth in their hearts and purity in their souls. We focus on creating empowered citizens who are courageous enough to tackle any adversity. Moreover, we strive to enable every child entrusted to our care to reach their full potential as image-bearers of our creator God and responsible nation-builders.