(a) Children of serving Army personnel including DSC (Ex-Army), Children of Army Widow and children of those TA Personnel who have a minimum of 05 years embodied service.
(b) Children of Army Ex-Army/servicemen personal retired/Invalided out on medical ground with pension, DSC personnel retired with pension
from DSC.
(c) Children of serving Air Force, Naval and Coast Guard Personnel.
(d) Children of retired Naval and Coast Guard Personnel.
(e) Children of Ex Army Personnel who left Army with less than 10 years of service and not categorized as ESM.
(f) Children of civilians paid out of Defence, Estimates, Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF), Assam Rifles, MES, GREF, and TA (when not embodied).
(g) Grand children of serving/retired Army personnel.
(h) Other children.