From The Principal’s Desk

I consider it as my singular honour and a unique privilege for having been given this onerous responsibility in capacity of Principal, of implementing a progressive education concept as spelt out by our Patron and the chairman. This new concept of education has gradually evolved over the years due to rapid strides made by our fast paced technology environment which has made deep in roads into our daily lives. The earlier emphasis on rote learning has now veered more towards understanding complex concepts which can be effectively applied to upgrade our skills at work during our careers in future. My constant endeavour has been to sharpen my Key Result Areas to aim at harmonious development of all children of our school in order to empower them, to not only academically excel but also be mentally strong to face the new challenges of a competitive environment , we have to face , all throughout our lives. I always make an endeavour to try and explain the real meaning of education to all our school students and the teaching faculty , which actually is , the mental poise , bodily poise , grace , dignity , open mind , receptive mind , ready to take in a new idea , ability to examine it from all points of view, humble attitude , toleration , flexibility , compromise and most importantly equanimity in victory and defeat . I consider myself fortunate that this assignment of administration , intense joy and has given me a meaningful purpose to discharge my duties in service of nation.